TRANS FX- into The blu LP- out soon

D.A. TERENCE- Affections CS- out now

A1. "A"

B1. "B"

also featured in the wire tapper 35

TRANSFIX - "when you see the light" and "living through glass" CS - out now

A1. "when you see the light"

B1. "living through glass" (boys from brazil mix)
B2. "i wanna die" (boys from brazil mix)

BOYS from BRAZIL - CS out now.
single coming soon.

A1. "theme"
A2. "this strange effect"
B1. "killing the bag man"

TOTAL LIFE - blurred visions CS- out now

A1. "blurred visions"

B1. "blurred visions ii"

GUN OUTFIT - CS- out now

A1. "time slips away"
A2. "song in silhouette"

B1. "lola's tears/buried deep"
B2. "end credit"


A1. "alien cold"
A2. "white glow"
A3. "limbo"

B1. "growing into nothing"
B2. "cave (i wanna live)"
A3. "SI5"

NUTS! #13 - Available Now.

NUTS! #12 - Available Now.

NUTS! #11 - Available Now.

NUTS! #10 - Available Now.

NUTS! #9 - Available Now.

MILK MUSIC - Cruise Your Illusion LP - usa-002/prnl-017 - out now. (eu/uk)

A1. "caged dogs run wild"
A2. "illegal and free"
A3. "new lease on love"
A4. "cruising with god"
A5. "crosstown wanderer"
A6. "no nothing, my shelter"
A7. "coyote road"

B1. "i've got a wild feeling"
B2. "dogchild"
B3. "lacey's secret"
B4. "runaway"
B5. "final scene"

GAG - GAS MASK '95 flexi - prnl015 - out of stock.

A1. "barbed wire"
A2. "warm milk"

Cairo Pythian - Unity Mitford 12" maxi - prnl016 - out now.

A1. "unity mitford"
A2. "jaguar music"

B1. "walking around remix"
B2. "spider life"

Cairo Pythian - Toytowne 12" - prnl012 - out now.

A1. "toytowne"
A2. "dark end"
A3. "matthew churchill"
A4. "colouring book"

B1. "white wicker"
B2. "puce cross"
B3. "naked under suede"
B4. "laced"

Weird TV - 12" - prnl013 - out now.

A1. "Intro/TKM"
A2. "Canalla"
A3. "Sopilote"

B1. "Mentiroso"
B2. "Boy Piss"
B3. "Aranas"

Family Stoned - Rituals / High Times Woman II - prnl014 - out now

A1. "Rituals"

B1. "High Times Woman II"

Catatonic Youth - Piss Scene 7" reissue - prnl011 - out now.

A1. "I've Had It"
A2. "Out of Control"

B1. "Freedom Vanilla"
B2. "Control My Gun"

Wooden Kimono - Moving to Disneyland 7" - prnl007 - out now.

A1. "Trip/Lily for a Heart"
A2. "First"

B1. "Walking Around"
B2. "Hello"


A1. "Wiped Clean"
A2. "In Fighting"
A3. "Stripped Screw/ Dan's Dream"

B1. "Oil In Water"
B2. "Weeping Hole"
B3. "Mirroring"

MILK MUSIC- BEYOND LIVING LP/CD - prnl010 - euro cd out now.

A1. "Fertile Ground"
A2. "Beyond Living"
A3. "No Life"

B1. "Out Of My World"
B2. "Be Here Now"
B3. "The Burning Light"
CD7. "Violence Now"
CD8. "DEMO" (2009)

NUTS! #7 - Available Now.

Broken Water- Seaside and Sedmikrasky - bw002 - out now

A1. "Seaside"

B1. "Sedmikrasky"

Broken Water- Peripheral Star 12"EP - prnl009 - out now.

A1. "Peripheral Star"
A2. "Heartstrings"
A3. "Stop Means Stop"

B1. "Kansas"
B2. "Okane no"

Broken Water- Whet(triangle) LP rerelease - prnl008 - REPRESS OUT NOW.

A1. "Say What's On Your Mind"
A2. "Hear"
A3. "Dead Light"
A4. "Spore"

B1. "Heal"
B2. "Memory"
B3. "Web"
B4. "Kamilche House"

NUTS! #6 w/ flexi featuring Milk Music and Carrie Keith (Gun Outfit) - Available Now.

Flexi tracks

A1. Milk Music-"violence now"
B1. Carrie Keith "White Light"

Weird TV 7" sufrir b/w sex - prnl006 - SOLD OUT.

A. "sufrir"
B. "sex"

HPP 7" - prnl005 - Out Now.

A1. "NMDB"
A2. "Cresent Moon"
A3. "Sexual Tension"

B1. "Sludge Love"
B2. "Lights"
B3. "Youth Gone Astray"

Sonskull 12" EP - prnl001 - SOLD OUT.

A1. "Stand on the Shore"
A2. "Laura"
A3. "Boston Girls"
A4. "Ryan + Crystal"

B1. "Perennial Death"
B2. "Housing"
B3. "Control Control"
B4. "Cement Mixer"

White Boss LP - prnl002 - Sold Out.

A. "Time Streams/Number Two/Sun Rays"
B. "Meld/Darkness/Lightness/Pulse"

HPP LP - prnl003 - Out Now.

A1. "Curse of the Gun"
A2. "Wrongage"
A3. "Screaming Mercy"
A4. "Exes"
A5. "Hippie Girl"
A6. "Suicide/Homicide"
A7. "GG Cuts"

B1. "Fucking Humans"
B2. "Coming"
B3. "Flesh"
B4. "Scars"
B5. "Comrades"
B6. "Goodboy"
B7. "Jungle"
B8. "Confidential"


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